2023 India Leadership Journey

The program will give you contextualized tools and a framework to address the challenges that women leaders face in global health.

WomenLift Health is launching a program ‘2023 India Leadership Journey’ for mid-career women professionals working in the health sector to explore their leadership skills. The program envisions providing a safe space for women professionals through vulnerability and reflection to hone their leadership skills. The program will give you contextualized tools and a framework to address the challenges that women leaders face in global health. 

What will you get from this program?

The program believes that women leaders who believe in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion will benefit largely from the program. This program is catering to women who want to bring diverse lived experiences to policy and practice thus making it an inclusive public health policy. Therefore, this program not merely seeks to expand their leadership influence but pass it on to the organization and communities with which they are working. 

Following are the elements of the journey of this program. 

  1. Virtual Learning 

Virtual Group sessions will explore leadership frameworks, research, and tools in a highly interactive learning format. This will also give you a chance to focus on personal and professional growth, relevant topics, and priorities for health leadership. This session allows the cohort members to have peer learning through shared experiences.    

  1. Virtual Mentorship 

You will be provided with a mentor with your peers to network, learn and grow. The mentor will help you with career resources throughout this journey. The mentors will be senior-level leaders from different backgrounds, health sectors, and disciplines catering to the principles of inclusivity and diversity. 

  1. Virtual Coaching 

Apart from mentors, you will also get a personal leadership coach that will help guide you to solving the challenges on the path toward leadership goals. They will provide you will a 360-degree leadership style assessment to focus on your competencies to be an effective leader. You will also receive a gift of feedback and support from the coach.  

  1. In-person residences 

There will be two in-person residence programs – Leadership Immersion (3 days) and Leadership Lift off (2 days). The leadership Immersion program will enhance your leadership skills by applying them to real-world examples. The Leadership Lift-Off program will be at the end of the journey where you will be asked to present your leadership projects and reflect on your leadership evolution journey.     

Who can join the program?

Following are the eligibility criteria that you must tick off to be able to join this program.

  1. Identify as a woman working in the public health sector with sufficient years (10-20 years) of experience. 
  2. Focus areas – public health policy, practice, and/or research. 
  3. Indian national and reside and work in India 
  4. Time commitments for hybrid and virtual events as they attending them are mandatory 
  5.  Reside in the IST time zone for 75% of programs to engage with peers


  1. Deadline – December 9, 2022 
  2. Duration of the Program – April 2023-April 2024
  3. Format – Hybrid (Virtual and In-person)
  4. Cost – None 
  5. Time commitment – Approximately 3-4.5 hours each month 

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