Driving a Coaching Culture

Shifting from corporate to social sector

By Ruchi Sarin Sharma

As a part of a dynamic organization striving to make social impact, ensuring we have motivated, engaged and strong managers is essential to our success, especially when sustainable change can take years to achieve.  

We all know that investing in human capital is the only way, but we often struggle to... read more

Recruiters Guide: What Not To Ask In A Job Interview?

Social Sector Interview Guide

By Rahul Balakrishnan

Hiring talent at the entry level is not an easy task. With no prior work experience by which to assess the candidate, employers often take leap of faith or rely on academic credentials. The same can be said for social sector job interviews. And so I thought why not address the ‘elephant in the room’ by the trunk and list down the questions one could avoid asking in an interview.

Tell... read more

Decoding Social Sector Careers

Decoding Social Sector Careers with Sumeet Mehta

In our journey of working in the human capital landscape in the impact sector and interacting with a multitude of job seekers, we learned that there was a dearth of knowledge about the space. Many jobseekers shared that they were unaware as to how and if at all their skills were transferable to the sector. They had numerous questions about how and if the nonprofit sector was different... read more

Arthan Partners With Social Incubators To Provide HR Support To Early-Stage Social Enterprises

Arthan and Upaya

By Team Arthan 

The impact sector in India is booming. As more and more social enterprises emerge, there is also an increase in the number of foundations and incubators offering them support.

A big challenge that young entrepreneurs and early-stage organisations face is that of Human Capital. Problems vary from hiring needs to setting internal structures and policies. Arthan works closely with... read more

#DecodingSocialSector: A Guide To Reference Checks

Reference checks

– Aditi Agrawal

A reference check is a process by which organisations get information about candidates they are looking to hire from the candidates’ previous employers. This information may include details such as their work experience, education, background, personal information etc.

Employers usually do a reference check before the finalise hiring someone. The applicants themselves... read more