#SocialSectorGuide: Courses To Study The Social Impact Sector

Social Sector Guide

In the past few years, there has been a rise in courses related to the development sector, especially for those who are looking to transition into the sector or searching for leadership opportunities in the space. While undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work have always existed, this article concentrates on specialised courses catering to the rising interest in understanding... read more

Social Sector Recruiters Guide: How to effectively attract candidates to social sector organisations?

Social Sector Recruiters guide

By Surabhi Nijhawan

In the recent years, the social sector has emerged as a popular career choice with an influx of professionals entering this workspace. Increased awareness about social impact, rising opportunities in social enterprises and social innovation along with degrees and courses focusing on the development space have contributed to this trend.

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Arthan Supports Early Stage Social Enterprises

The start-up ecosystem is an exciting and enterprising place to be. However, young entrepreneurs and young organisations face a plethora of challenges to be addressed. One such challenge is the human capital challenge.

While finding, engaging and retaining the right talent is a task all organisations face; early stage enterprises, with greater... read more

Why Can’t Nonprofits Be More Business-Like?

Nonprofits can be business like

By Ingrid Srinath

How often have you heard that nonprofits need to be “more business-like”? Or witnessed the awe that greets people who cross over from the private sector to a job in an NGO? Despite the global financial meltdown, relentless reports of corporate malfeasance and catastrophic breakdowns in governance at some of the most respected businesses, the corporate sector is continually held... read more

Employee Onboarding: Why Is It Important And How To Go About It?

why is employee onboarding important

Employee onboarding is a critical part of the hiring process, although it fails to be a priority for most organisations. Some barriers to this include – tight deadlines, last minute hiring or merely the lack of time or planning.

Employees are hired and expected to hit the ground running; immediately being assigned to a multitude of tasks. It needs to change, especially, in the impact sector, where employees... read more