Leadership In The Social Sector

Leadership In Social Sector

India today, has a burgeoning development sector with social innovation rapidly gaining momentum. It is hardly surprising that organisations, both domestic and international are looking keenly at solving some of the most significant social challenges. However, a critical problem faced by players, big and small, in the development and social impact sectors is finding adequate and competent human capital.

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Social Sector Tips: Types of Organisations In the Social Sector

Kinds of social organisations in social sector

By Anchal Kakkar and Satyam Vyas

One of the common misconceptions about the social sector is that it is limited to NGOs. One can attribute this to the lack of awareness about the social impact sector as a career option and the job opportunities available within it.

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NITI Aayog Is Hiring Senior Consultants & Young Professionals

NITI Aayog jobs

Do you want to work for the government of India? Do you think you can assist the Indian government in creating new policies ?

If yes, the good news is that NITI Aayog is hiring.

The National Institution for Transforming India, popularly known as NITI Aayog, is a policy ‘Think tank’ of the government of India. They help in providing inputs both at the direction and policy level.

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The Three Big Whys To Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

By Rahul Balakrishnan,  

As someone who has worked extensively in both – the corporate sector as well as the social impact sector, one commonality that I have noted, is that all organisations work towards – Employee Retention.
But to ensure retention what organisations miss out working on is Employee Engagement.

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A Unique Opportunity For Social Sector Leaders: Strategic Nonprofit Management – India

Strategic Nonprofit Management - India

The reason India’s nonprofit sector is booming is due to its significant social challenges – myriad issues are plaguing the country’s growth such as clean water, sanitation, and cleanliness to healthcare, education and unemployment.

However, this can change if leaders of development sector organisations can present a mission-driven strategy, strong governance and a robust operational mode.

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A Beginners Guide On How To Get A Job In The Impact Space

Getting a job in the social sector

The social impact space has garnered much ‘limelight’ over the years; becoming a preferred career avenue. As the sector has opened itself to new business models, solving significant development challenges, it has into led to the inclusion of more and more professionals entering the space from other sectors, or contemplating the same.
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