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The Global Good Fund Fellowship

The Global Good Fund Fellowship is for innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of positive social impact organizations. This program is for emerging leaders, entrepreneurs who are 40 or under, with diverse ethnic, religious, economic, geographic...


Online Environmental Courses

Master of Quantitative Biology Master the use of programming, statistics, and mathematics to solve problems in biology | This program is taught in an intensive mode that allows you to complete the equivalent of...


Explore India’s Public Data

The National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP) aims to improve access and use of published Indian government data. The platform provides standardised datasets from across India’s vast landscape of administrative data. NDAP helps users...


NIDHI Social Accelerator

Villgro is excited to announce the launch of ‘NIDHI social accelerator’,supported by the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Department of Science & Technology. Calling all market ready startups creating innovative solutions in...


CEEW-CEF Market Handbook

India is undergoing an energy transition from fossil-based to clean energy. CEEW‘s quarterly Market Handbook helps identify and analyse trends, present data-backed evidence and connect the dots to present a short-term market outlook. Key Findings Total...


Beyond 2%: From climate philanthropy to climate justice philanthropy

Philanthropic foundations have long exerted influence in the international climate arena. Over 30 years on from their early forays into climate debates, this report asks how effective they have been. How relevant are their theories of change and worldviews today? And what can philanthropic foundations do to position themselves at the vanguard of meaningful change in the climate arena?

China Issue Guide Series: Environmental Philanthropy 0

China Issue Guide Series: Environmental Philanthropy

While China has achieved huge success in expanding its economy and generating wealth for its citizens, this achievement has come at an environmental cost. This report by Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society is the second in a’ four-part series examining “philanthropy with Chinese characteristics.”