Upskilling and Youth Employment Programme-Applications Open

Apply by 30 June 2021 to accelerate support for your work in increasing employment for youths with a leading Swiss Foundation. Link to apply:

In collaboration with WISE Philanthropy Advisors, AVPN will work towards identifying Non-Profit Organisations that are active in upskilling and youth employment to partner with a prominent Swiss Foundation specialised in youth employment.

The successful applicants will enter a partnership programme with former executive of one of the leading IT companies to expand their impact and create transformation in Southeast Asia. This partnership will be followed by funding support from the Swiss Foundation.

The grant amount could range between USD 50,000 to USD 200,000 per year. Terms of funding will be determined based on a mutual agreement between successful applicant(s) and funder.

The unemployment statistics in Indonesia are that 1 out of 14 youths are out of work. In Thailand, more half of the youth population is not well versed in secondary-level reading and math. There is a greater need to accelerate youth employment in Southeast Asia in the current times.

This program will benefit vulnerable communities to achieve their full time productive employment all the while displaying high potential for sustainable scaling and provision of job training as well as job placements in the long term.

Click here to get the complete details about the programme here

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