Top 5 Careers in Emergency and Disaster Management

Big data collection, administration, and analysis are all part of this process.

Top 5 Careers in Emergency and Disaster Management
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The management of resources and tasks related to preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies is referred to as Disaster management. Big data collection, administration, and analysis are all part of this process in order to incorporate a data-driven strategy into each stage of the emergency management cycle.

Disaster Management planning comprises 4 major steps including

The pre-actions come in prevention. This is sometimes referred to as mitigation. To guard against tidal waves, for instance, one may build sea barriers or burn their backs, or one can have alternate electrical sources or communication systems in place. There have to be constant prevention efforts.


Planning, developing, and testing strategies, as well as providing training, educating the public, and disseminating information, are all examples of preparation. Also, these acts are always taking place.


It is the aid given and the action taken during or shortly following an emergency. The goal is to save lives while safeguarding infrastructure, roads, buildings, and other communal resources like livestock and crops. In general, time is measured in hours, days, or weeks.


The organized process of helping communities impacted by emergencies rebuild their physical infrastructure and reclaim their emotional, social, economic, and physical welfare is known as recovery. Most often expressed in months or years.

The administration of disaster preparation, relief, rehabilitation, recovery, and awareness is the focus of the profession in disaster management. Professionals receive training on how to handle situations brought on by calamities like floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and cyclones. According to estimates from the United Nations, 3 million people’s lives have been impacted by natural catastrophes during the past 20 years.

Following are a few jobs you can take up as a professional in disaster management
Sustainability consultant

Clients are assisted by sustainability consultants in tracking their environmental effects and developing more sustainable strategies. They could be employed in the manufacturing, home development, energy, or transportation industries. Sustainability consultants may look at the waste output, pollution, legal compliance, energy usage, water use, land use, building efficiency, and social effect to gauge the influence of their clients. 

Safety specialist

Safety professionals strive to make workplaces safer for both employers and employees. Their work has the potential to enhance employee well-being and keep employers in line with safety laws. Safety experts frequently need to have in-depth knowledge of safety laws so they can check on businesses for compliance. They might perform safety training for employees and managers, design safety protocols, look into workplace accident incidences, and audit workplaces for safety dangers. Some emergency response professionals focus on reducing the safety hazards associated with catastrophes and emergencies.

Disaster recovery manager

When calamities strike, disaster recovery managers seek to maintain corporate operations. They frequently create strategies to assist their firm in coping with different catastrophe situations as well as protections to stop the loss of corporate equipment and data. Disaster recovery managers identify a company’s equipment and information system weaknesses and routinely carry out risk assessments. In order to guarantee that business activities continue in the event of failures

or security breaches, they develop and manage backup data and power systems for businesses. Managers of disaster recovery operations may also assist in educating personnel about disaster readiness and emergency preparations.

The ability to assist others in need is a key factor in why disaster management is a rewarding job. People’s lives can be severely affected by disasters, including the loss of their homes, means of support, and loved ones. Making it your professional goal to assist those affected by calamities is both worthwhile and satisfying. One of the reasons crisis management is a wonderful job is that you may aid individuals whose lives have been impacted by disasters by using the knowledge and abilities you’ve acquired over your career. In India, several governmental and non-governmental organizations work for disaster relief, management, and mitigation. Following is a list of roles and organizations to choose from when looking for a new job:

Fire & Security Officer by JLL

This role is part of the Property Management team based at the site and will be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of Security and Fire Safety are supervised and taken care of during your shift in consultation with the Security/Property Manager. 

Senior Service Operations Engineer by Planful

This position is responsible for managing SaaS / Cloud Applications running in highly available and across geographically different data centers. Ensure availability, scalability, and uptime requirements of applications are clearly understood and addressed. Preserve the integrity and design of applications and products to support mission-critical service offered to customers necessary for business operations.

Manager-Emergency Response Unit by FIAPO

This role is responsible for the design, development, implementation, management, and deployment of all emergency response and strategies. This position works very closely with operations staff, trained volunteers, grantmakers, emergency management agencies, and other shelters and rescues nationally. An ideal candidate is a person of integrity, loyalty, and a capacity for hard work, perseverance, and resiliency.

Disaster Recovery Specialist by VFI SLK

This role requires a strong experience in understanding, defining, planning, and implementing policies and procedures of Disaster Recovery (DR) in the event of Disaster or DR exercise at both the

Application and Datacenter level along with project management skills. They should have worked on Datacenter level migrations and experienced at Datacenter level DR Planning and DR Test projects.

Climate Change Technical Expert by Digital Green

The position demands someone who compiles, analyzes, and clarifies information, data, and research regarding environmental management and climate change while also providing technical support on science-based approaches/solutions to climate mitigation and adaptation in agriculture, agroforestry, and related sectors.

When a natural or man-made disaster strikes, disaster management is the systematic planning and process used to safeguard people and vital assets from serious harm. In order to decrease the impact of disasters, professionals in this sector take on the responsibility of planning and execution. This sector is important because it may aid in the evacuation of people and belongings from a dangerous area by permitting prompt and efficient rescue, relief, and rehabilitation at the disaster site, therefore minimizing property damage, safeguarding people, and lessening trauma among people. Check for Arthan Careers for information.

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