Pritha Venkatachalam and Jan Schwier appointed Partners of Bridgespan Group

The two appointed partners will underscore the organization’s commitment to global learning, growth, and social impact.

The Bridgespan Group appointed Pritha Venkatachalam and Jan Schwier as Partners of Asia and Africa. They will co-head the Asia and Africa regions of the organization. The group is committed to continued growth and commitment to becoming a global firm. The organization has expanded its Asian and African teams from 24 to 70. 

Pritha Venkatachalam has advised various organizations in the impact space from Asia and the African regions. Venkatachalam has led and co-authored many projects in Bridgespan such as ‘Building Strong Resilient NGOs in India: Time for New Funding Practices’among others. Pritha has an extensive experience in public health. She has worked with leading philanthropies to advise them on strategy, operating models, and results in delivery. Before her stint with The Bridgespan Group, she worked with Dalberg, Cambridge Economic Policy Associates, and World Bank. With her new stint at Bridgespan Group, she will focus on client relationship development, knowledge, and fundraising.   

Jan Schwier has worked with philanthropists and non-profit sectors with a strong focus on Africa. Schwier has coauthored a study called Disparities in Funding for NGOs throwing the light on how NGOs in Africa can enable funding for their NGOs to create a longer-term impact. He is passionate about helping leaders in their organization’s growth and results in measurement. Earlier Schwier worked with International Finance Corporation, Monitor Group, and Boston Consulting Group. With this diverse experience, Schwier will work on building and growing the Bridgespan team in Asia and Africa. 

Bridgespan Group is leading research projects focusing on these regions. As a result, these appointments proves crucial in maximizing their impact base and at an organization level, expanding their team to nurture their vision of being a global firm.

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