Building internal leadership is the founder’s job

By Aditya Natraj 

As far as leadership at nonprofits goes, 7X7 seems to be the magic formula. A typical nonprofit has a founder with seven people reporting to her, each of whom then has seven people reporting to them. It is therefore usually a 50-person organisation with an INR 1.5-2 crore budget managing around six to seven projects.

While the seven people do some level of strategic thinking,... read more

5 Productivity Tips That Will Help You Battle Procrastination

Distraction is one of the most significant problems most of us suffer with, and it is that one activity that hampers with productivity the most. In minutes, we go from reading an essential article about the political situation in India to laughing at a new cat video on Youtube. Undoubtedly, our ability to concentrate is diminishing. If you are someone who thinks procrastination is your weakness, these productivity... read more

Lessons in Leadership Building

By Dr Vandana Nadig Nair

The social sector is about people. The people we serve, the people who serve. Thus, there is a clear need to focus on attracting more good talent into the sector and developing leadership capability within organisations.

We at Phicus Social Solutions, a nonprofit organisation focused on developing organisation, programme and leadership capacity within the social sector—wanted... read more

6 Effective Tips For Creating An Impressive Linkedin Profile

In the recent years, Linkedin has emerged as a crucial platform for employers and employees. It is a social-networking platform for professionals, and both job seekers and recruiters agree that it is a necessity. In many ways, Linkedin has transformed job hunting as it makes passive job search possible. If you check your profile regularly, you will know about the recent job openings in your industry.

Thus, it... read more

Improvement In Employability This Year: India Skills Report 2018


According to an industry report, the employment rate of educated Indians has increased from 33% to 45% in the last five years. Professional courses such as engineering, pharmacology and computer applications have contributed most to this.

However, according to the India Skills Report 2018, there has been a decrease in the employability of MBA graduates due to a significant rise in the number of colleges offering... read more

Here’s how Bill Gates spends his weekend

Bill Gates at world economic forum

There is a lot we know about Bill Gates – the founder of Microsoft, a successful entrepreneur, one of the wealthiest person in the world. Of course, all of these phrases didn’t make him successful in a day. The man was focussing on changing the world through technology – which suggests that he was determined to succeed. And, while at it, he ensured he adopted some habits... read more

8 Valuable Career Advice Bound To Help You

Giving career advice is tricky because there is no ‘fit for all’ career advice. Everyone experiences different problems at work. Sometimes it could be about maintaining good relationships at work and other times about work satisfaction or work-life balance.

When it comes to working life, it never gets easy, but we learn, evaluate and... read more

6 reasons why doing an online course is a good idea

Online courses promote lifelong learning amidst other advantages but are you motivated enough? Online courses have become popular. The rise of several e-learning websites is proof of the same. Teaching and learning online is probably one of the best advancements brought to you by digital technology. The best thing about doing an online course is that you can do it at your convenience – whatever time works best... read more