Job Boards in Climate Space

Want to work in the climate field but don’t know where to start? We have handpicked a few job boards in climate space for you to pick from.

Inspiration for this blog: Nicole Kelner

Job Boards in Climate Space

The increase in global temperatures is altering climate patterns and raising the risk of weather-related natural disasters, which will have an impact on communities all over the world. Climate change can alter both the present and future generations by impacting security, general health and the economy.

Jobs that directly benefit the environment frequently involve renewable energy, electric mobility, energy efficiency, or environmental preservation. Today, however, every profession has the potential to become “green” as more organizations make the switch to low-carbon models.

Job boards function fundamentally as databases and search engines for open vacancies. Regardless of a candidate’s degree or experience level, candidates can find jobs on portals. Anyone who is actively seeking to work in climate space can choose from the following 5 climate Job Boards:

Climate Asia

With the motive of Connecting millions to climate opportunities, Climate Asia provides you with opportunities for impactful climate careers, the latest insights on what is happening in the sector, events, funding opportunities, and much more.

Climate Asia offers you to select jobs by category, sector or location.

Climate Career Portal

The Climate Career Portal is a digital skills transition platform, being developed by Iron & Earth, that connects fossil fuel and Indigenous workers with career pathways in the net-zero economy.

It offers you opportunity to browse projects around the country and get in touch with companies looking to hire workers.

Carbon Removal Jobs

Carbon Removal Jobs curates the roles where you can help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

It will help you find a job cooling the Earth by sucking CO2 out the atmosphere.


Idealist believe that together we can build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. 

They provide you with Resources and tools, including Fundraising Center, HR & Hiring Resources and an online community to help you build a better world.

Work in Green

Work in Green is where you’ll find your next job at one of the companies working on things like energy storage, renewables, and the future of food, transportation, or e-mobility.

They offers more than 4000 job opportunities across the globe to make your career choice impactful.

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