Alterna Impact Fellowship Program

This is a good opportunity for professionals to accelerate their career journey in the impact sector. Apply now!

The Alterna Impact Fellowship Program targets individuals working in the social and environmental impact sector. The fellowship gives a chance to industry participants to connect with the changemakers from Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The fellowship focuses on the following core areas to build a robust impact investment sector and spread awareness about businesses working in this sector. 

1) Professional Skills 

2) Immersive Experience 

3) High-Level Global Network  

The fellowship has reached 8 million people that targets 15 SDGs. Out of the total investments that they have generated, 59 percent of them went to women lead organizations. 

How will the program benefit you? 

As the program will connect you to the existing changemakers in the market, you will have a chance to gain real experience. The tools given to you by these changemakers will act as a catalyst in your professional development. The fellowship focuses on developing markets and hence there is room for you to gain expertise working in low or middle-income countries. 

Your impact projects will get appropriation by connecting them with pioneer organizations working in the sector. This will help the project gain traction and maximize its impact. The training through these organizations will lead you to utilize new innovative approaches, ideas, and best practices in social innovation.       

Who should apply for this program?

The fellowship is looking for professionals who can believe in the power of change and can be at the forefront of this change. They want professionals to build environments that are sustainable and thriving for others. Professionals who are good listeners that have ears to the ground and can understand the problems of the communities will benefit from this program. Individuals who believe in making a sustainable world should apply for this program.   

Professionals having a bachelor’s degree can apply for this program. But preference is given to individuals having MBA or MA degrees. You should have at least three years of experience working in the impact sector. The program primarily functions in Spanish and therefore it is required to have an intermediate or native level of Spanish language proficiency. The program needs your full-time availability for 6-12 months as it is heavily based on implementing the projects in real-time.   

Anish Malpani, founder of Ashaya and Impact Fellow in 2017 talked about his experience and remarked that the fellowship had helped him understand how to make an impact at the grassroots level. He also learned that the context of the country and the culture of the community matter while building impact approaches. 

Application Process 

You are required to make a 5-10 minute video presentation explaining why you would want to be part of this program and your interest in the impact investing sector. You have to send this video and CV across to their platform. You will hear back from them with a call for an interview and technical test. If you pass the interview and test, you will proceed to another round that will gauge your knowledge in your interest area. 

This is a good opportunity for professionals to accelerate their career journey in the impact sector. Alterna digs into the fellowship pool as a primary source while recruiting for long-term paid positions. So, this fellowship might also act as a chance for you to open various doors of opportunities.

Apply now to make an impact! 

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