Women Leaders in Global Public Health

The session highlighted the challenges mid-career women professionals face while transitioning into leadership roles. Here the focus is on women leaders in the public health domain.

Speaker images for the session on women leaders

Last week, Arthan in collaboration with WomenLift Health organized a session on Women Leaders in Global Public Health. The session highlighted the challenges mid-career women professionals face while transitioning into leadership roles. Dr. Shagun Sabarwal, South Asia Region and Global Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Director at WomenLift Health was the speaker at the session. Satyam Vyas, Founder, and CEO of Arthan and Climate Asia moderated the event. The session also highlighted WomenLift Health’s 2023 India Leadership Journey Program. 

Here are some of the key highlights from the session. 

2023 India Leadership Journey 

Talking about the program Dr. Sabarwal said, “This program will try to do two things – exposing these women leaders to tools and frameworks to allow them to go from middle-level to senior level. And, this journey will increase their networks and bonds and create spaces where women can come together, be vulnerable and learn from each other.” 

Importance of Diversity and Inclusivity in Leadership 

In the global health space women comprise 70% of the workforce and yet they hold merely 25% of executive positions and 5% of CEO-level positions. Throwing light on the importance of diversity and inclusion Dr. Sabarwal exclaimed, “When you have diversity and inclusion in your decision-making process then the decisions that will emerge will be far better than if the decisions are made by like-minded people.”

Collaborative Leadership 

Dr. Sabarwal believes that we can’t bring a lasting change and transformation by doing it alone. Speaking about collaborative leadership, Dr. Sabarwal noted, “Collaboration among women leaders is a clear pathway. It is very important that the idea of collaborative leadership style starts to trickle down at all different levels.” 

Advice to mid-career women professionals 

Here’s what Dr. Sabarwal wants to pass on the advice to women professionals transitioning to leadership roles, “Do try to push yourself to build networks. For us, networks are relationship building and women build relationships very differently.”

The session also highlighted various leadership styles, and work-life balance among women leaders. It ended with questions from the audience. 

You can watch the full session here! 

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