Women in Government Fellowship

The fellowship seeks to enhance and improve the quality of political participation of women. 

Source – Femme First Foundation

Femme First Foundation has launched a fellowship titled ‘Women in Government Fellowship’. It is a six-month program that is focused on capacity building, training, and mentorship of women in politics. The fellowship seeks to enhance and improve the quality of political participation of women. 

Objectives of the Program 

  1. To provide you with skills and knowledge to run for office to help you legislate and govern
  2. Understand the nuances and challenges of the Indian democratic system with various political theories 
  3. To gain exposure in the public policy-making process with guidance from renowned practitioners and domain experts. 
  4. Provide mentorship from seasoned politicians to understand how to navigate the political world 
  5. To build a support network of women leaders, policy experts, and campaign professionals 

What’s in it for you?

  1. In-person workshops, Intensive Virtual Learning Sessions, and Mentorship
  2. Upskill you with the practical know-how of electioneering 
  3. Build your personal brands through personalized public narrative techniques 
  4. Learn from a mentor who is tackling the challenges of being a woman in politics

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Women who have contested election at any level – college, university, local govt, MLA, etc 
  2. Women in nominated political party positions for at least 3 months
  3. Women who have worked in civil-society/media/policy organizations for at least 12 months
  4. Women who are/were LAMP/Acumen/Gandhi/Teach for India Fellows and aspire to join politics
  5. Must be an Indian Citizen 

Logistical Details 

  1. Timeline – January 2023 – June 2023 
  2. Fees – INR 35,000 (Scholarship Available)
  3. Deadline – 30 November, 2022 

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