Sustainability Incubation Program

The program is incubated to address sustainable, environmental, and social impact through the lens of mobility.

NSRCEL in Partnership with ALSTOM has launched a Sustainability Incubation Program. The program is incubated to address sustainable, environmental, and social impact through the lens of mobility. This program will help the startup to build a sustainable model that is climate centric and help make it a scalable revenue model. 

Who should join the program? 

This program is for startups who are building business models that address the urban mobility problem. Some of the sustainable mobility spaces the program is looking to support are as follows. 

  1. Green Manufacturing – Automotive Circularity, Logistics and Warehousing, etc.
  2. EV Infrastructure – Charging Infrastructure, Battery Recycling, etc. 
  3. Mobility Infrastructure – Urban Mobility Planning, Transport Management, etc.
  4. Shared Mobility – Mobility as a Service, Mass Transit, etc.
  5. Energy – Sustainable biofuels, Synthetic fuels, etc.
  6. Sustainability as a Service – Tools and innovations to measure impact, etc.
  7. Vehicle Technology – Autonomous Mobility, Vehicle Diagnostics, etc.

Eligibility Criteria 

The following are the eligibility criteria to participate in the program. 

  1. Your startup should be in operation for less than 5 years 
  2. Business model should be at a late traction stage 
  3. Solution should be innovative, scalable, and technology-driven
  4. Business model should be curated and incorporated in India 

What’s for you in the program?

The program will be a good ground for you to place your ideas at the table and learn from experts on how to polish them through a sustainable lens. The program will help in entrepreneurial capacity building that will sharpen the business model and value proposition. Mentors for this program will guide you to build organizational capacity for sustenance and scale. Your business model will thrive in an ecosystem where there are partners and funders. This will help you carve a route in the market thereby making your model revenue-oriented and profitable. 

The startups will also have access to masterclasses that will help in learning, peer learning, and networking with experts from the ecosystem. The top 5 startups will receive grants through the corpus fund.    

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