Social Impact Fellowship

The program will provide you with a two-year pro bono partnership as well as continued alumnus support.

Social Impact Fellowship
Source – GLG

GLG has launched Social Impact Fellowship for non-profits and social enterprises. The program will provide you with a two-year pro bono partnership as well as continued alumnus support.

What’s in it for you?

Following are the things that you can expect from the Social Impact Fellowship. 

  1. Extraordinary Expertise 

You can discuss the most pressing strategic, operational, and technical questions with experts on topics like geographic expansion, talent development, regulatory landscapes, industry best practices, and more. You and your team will have access to GLGs insight network. 

  1. Dedicated Support Team 

You can partner with GLG employees that will connect you to the right experts and ensure that you have the insights to pursue your biggest goals. Fellowship alumni will receive continued project support.  

  1. Cohort of Social Innovators 

You can build meaningful connections with like-minded innovators in the GLG Social Impact Fellowship community. You can engage it through their annual convening and quarterly virtual roundtables to engage with other talented leaders.  

Eligibility Criteria 

The applications are accessed according to the organization’s social impact, future goals, operational capacity, and need for expertise that GLG offers. They are welcoming applications from all issues areas including education, environment, global health, social justice, and humanitarian relief during natural disasters and violent conflicts. 

Eligibility Criteria for applications from non-profits, social enterprises, and hybrid organizations for Social Impact Fellowships are as follows 

  1. Driving Impactful Social Change

Your organization should advance powerful missions and demonstrate a positive impact on the communities they serve. 

  1. Ability to leverage GLG’s platform 

You will embed GLG in strategies, workflows, and decision-making processes. 

  1. Positioned to Make the most of partnership with GLG 

You should be in operation for at least three years and employ at least five full-time staff members. You are past the early development stage to scale the impact efficiently. 

  1. Organization Revenue 

Your nonprofit typically should have annual operating budgets between USD 1M to USD 15M. Social enterprises typically should have annual revenues under USD 5M. Hybrid organizations must demonstrate how their nonprofit and for-profit entities relate to and interact with one another.

Logistical Details 
  1. Deadline – 19 May, 2023 
  2. Time commitment – 1-4 hours per week   

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