General Open Call Residency

The program is for practitioners, academics, and artists that demonstrate clear social impact and charitable purpose.

General Open Call Residency
Source – The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation is inviting applications for their Bellagio Residency Program. This is a General Open Call Residency for practitioners, academics, and artists that demonstrate clear social impact and charitable purpose. This general call invited projects from any discipline and area of study. 

Participation Criteria  

Following are the diverse actors that can participate in the General Open Call Residency program. 

  1. University and think tank-based academics, researchers, professors, and scientists working in any discipline
  2. Artists who share the mission to enhance understanding of pressing global or social issues. 
  3. Senior-level policymakers, nonprofit leaders, journalists, private sector leaders, and public advocates in a variety of fields and sectors. 

In the four-week residency program, applicants should have a specific project that they want to advance. Your project should have the potential to be bold and compelling, with significant positive social impact and breakthrough potential. Projects that are highly encouraged for the program are as follows. 

  1. Scholarly Research Projects – This can be on a particular discipline which can take the form of a published book or article. 
  2. Applied Practice Projects – Projects from the private sector, public sector, and civil society that can be books, articles, communications plans, business plans, strategic assessments, etc. 
  3. Art Projects – This can advance an artistic discipline through the creation of new work of art. 
What they are looking for?  
  1. Leaders with a proven track record of working and accomplishing in a project
  2. Forward-looking with a history of advancing breakthrough ideas or actions. 
  3. Curious, collegial, and collaborative—open to giving and receiving input and feedback from a diverse group of fellow residents.
  4. Demonstrate willingness and excitement to remain active in the Bellagio Network after the residency.
How will your applications be evaluated? 

Your applications will be reviewed on the following dimensions 

  1. Impact – Is the project yielding fresh insights or significant progress, on an important issue facing our world?
  2. Clarity – Is the project poised to be meaningfully advanced during a four-week residency?
  3. Expertise – Are they a recognized leader with evidence of significant contributions to their field?
  4. Influence – Is the applicant well-positioned to influence change related to their project?
Logistical Details 
  1. Duration – 4 weeks 
  2. Deadline – April 26, 2023 (5 PM US Eastern Time) 

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