Beyond Perks: What Does Gen Z Crave, and Can AI Deliver?

Source: Workplace Learning Report 2024: India Edition

The 2024 edition of LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report dives deep into India’s L&D landscape, focusing on integrating AI in training, employee career development strategies, and the skills employees need to succeed in an AI-driven workplace.

Skilling Up for Success

Gone are the days when skill development was viewed as a mere employee benefit. In today’s AI-driven landscape, organizations understand that building a skilled workforce is no longer a luxury, but a strategic imperative for success. This is reflected in the continued dominance of “aligning learning to business goals” as the top L&D priority. 

However, a new contender for the center stage has emerged – employee career development. This year’s data reveals a significant 7% jump in the importance placed on career development within L&D strategies in India. This trend suggests a growing recognition that employee career growth isn’t just about individual well-being, but also a key driver of positive business outcomes. 

Internal Mobility 

Recognizing the potential within their ranks, Indian companies are increasingly turning towards internal mobility programs. These initiatives encourage employees to explore and pursue new roles within the organization. The benefits are undeniable: higher retention rates, a more adaptable workforce with diverse skillsets, and a deeper well of cross-functional knowledge. 

However, challenges remain. Cultural biases favoring external hires and managers hesitant to lose top talent act as hurdles. The key takeaway? Don’t wait for a perfect program. Brainstorming even small steps can unlock the potential of your internal talent pool and unleash a wave of positive change.

Gen Z Craves Career Growth

Move over perks like free lunches and game rooms – Gen Z prioritizes career development above all else. Unlike previous generations who might have been content with a steady paycheck, Gen Z is hungry for constant learning and advancement opportunities.  

This presents a golden opportunity for companies seeking to attract and retain this rising talent pool. By capitalizing on Gen Z’s inherent drive for growth, organizations can build a more engaged and future-proof workforce. The data speaks for itself – Gen Z is here to learn and develop, and companies that nurture this desire will be the ones to win.

AI to the Rescue

The key to unlocking employee potential lies in empowering them to develop the skills they need to advance. But with a large workforce, personalized coaching can be a daunting task for L&D professionals. 

Enter AI! While traditional coaching methods remain valuable, AI-powered coaching is poised to become a game-changer in the coming years. This technology holds the potential to act as a virtual coach, advisor, and problem-solving partner for employees, offering personalized career development guidance at scale. With AI as their wingman, L&D professionals can finally bridge the gap and ensure every employee has the resources needed to thrive.

The future of learning and development is a dynamic landscape. As Gen Z’s hunger for growth intersects with the potential of AI-powered coaching, companies have a unique opportunity to create a win-win situation. By fostering a culture of internal mobility, harnessing the power of AI, and prioritizing career development alongside business goals, organizations can empower their workforce, unlock innovation, and secure a competitive edge in the years to come.

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