Unveiling Our Top 5 Must-Watch Conversations of Change Episodes

In a world grappling with pressing environmental challenges, climate podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for spreading awareness and fostering meaningful conversations. With the same intention, Climate Asia launched its series- Conversations of Change.

Here is a list of our most viewed episodes with a reason why you should check them out right now!

Gautam John, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

In this captivating episode, our esteemed guest – Gautam John, delved deep into a multitude of themes, providing invaluable key learnings for individuals aspiring to carve a path in the dynamic realm of philanthropy.

From uncovering the increasing engagement of climate action in public discourse to unraveling the indispensable role of governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) in tackling the ever-escalating climate risks, this episode was a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

From understanding the power of strategic partnerships and impactful grant-making to honing leadership skills and fostering innovation, Gautam offered actionable advice and invaluable perspectives to build a generation of change-makers.

Sameer Shisodia, Rainmatter Foundation

Sameer Shisodia, during this session offered a thoughtful discussion on sustainable farming practices, showcasing the vital importance of nurturing our agricultural ecosystems while preserving the health of our planet.

The impact of mass production on biodiversity emerged as a pressing concern during the session. Sameer explored the potential consequences of large-scale agriculture and the need for sustainable alternatives to ensure the preservation of biodiversity.

By examining the interconnectedness between farming practices and the health of ecosystems we untangled the importance of sustainable production methods in safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity.

Wini Rizkiningayu, Schmidt Futures

In a riveting conversation with Wini Rizkiningayu, we embarked on a journey diving into the intricate climate ecosystem of Indonesia and India. We unraveled the similarities and differences that exist between these diverse regions, shedding light on the inter-connected challenges and opportunities they face in the realm of climate action.

Moreover, we explored the essential skills and expertise required to effectively navigate the complex intersection of just-energy transition space and the people-centric policy sector, unlocking the transformative potential for sustainable development.

Recognizing the complexity of addressing climate change while prioritizing social equity, Wini emphasized on the need for a multidimensional skill set.

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Rozita Singh, UNDP India

During this episode, our guest Rozita Singh started by shedding light on the pioneering initiatives carried out by the Accelerator Lab, UNDP India.

She further unpacked various themes including circular economy —an innovative approach aimed at decoupling economic growth from resource consumption. By uncovering the principles and practical applications of this transformative model, we unlock its potential to minimize waste generation, enhance resource efficiency, and create new economic opportunities.

Solution mapping was another important aspect of the discussion. She touched upon essential process for identifying and implementing impactful solutions to address pressing environmental and social challenges.

Raj Mariwala, Mariwala Health Initiative

In this immersive discussion, our expert guest – Raj Mariwala engaged in passionate discussions, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of the Mariwala Health Initiative’s work.

The session delved into the devastating consequences of climate change on marginalized communities. From vulnerable populations disproportionately affected by natural disasters to the exacerbation of existing social and economic inequalities, the impact of climate change on these communities cannot be ignored.

Through insightful analysis and compelling narratives, Raj underscored the urgency of taking immediate steps to mitigate the adverse effects and build climate resilience within these marginalized groups.

Climate Asia is committed to enhancing thought leadership by promoting climate awareness through podcasts, masterclasses, workshops, and beyond. Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates on emerging trends in the ecosystem.

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