Centre for Inclusive Policy Fellowship

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Centre for Inclusive Policy Fellowship
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Centre for Inclusive Policy Fellowship has launched a fellowship for persons with disabilities in the early or mid-stages of their careers, from the Global South, who are undertaking research and policy analysis in disability inclusion, or who have worked as advocates or organizers but want to transition to more analytical work. 

The program provides financial support, exposure to global discourse and developments in the policy landscape, and mentoring to people with disabilities from low- and middle-income countries who are actively working on issues of inclusive policy or policy research in support of the rights of people with disabilities as put forth in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

This year, the focus areas are: inclusive social protection policies, and policies and programs aiming to create community support systems for independent living.

What’s in it for you?
  1. Mentorship to develop the fellow’s work plan and achieve their deliverables
  2. Sponsorship for a week-long training on social protection policies or a similar training program
  3. Involvement of fellows in the projects of CIP as per their interests and expertise. This will enrich the fellows experience and will offer exposure to a global perspective.
  4. Involvement of fellows in CIP meetings where fellows will have the opportunity to learn from other members of the organization and different country contexts.
  1. Preferred if people already have connections with the disability rights movements in their countries.
  2. Looking for people who are engaged in training programs or service delivery, we are looking for people with a desire to engage in legal research, quantitative or qualitative research, policy analysis, budget analysis. 
Logistical Details 
  1. Stipend – USD 900/ month 
  2. Fellowship Timeline – September 2023 to August 2024 
  3. Deadline – 31 July, 2023 

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