AVPN’s Sustainability Dialogues-Future of ESG Investing in Asia: Building Strategic Partnerships between Investors and Businesses

AVPN Hosted a Sustainability Dialogue where they invited Asian Leaders to discuss the future of ESG investing and opportunities prevalent in Asia. This forum throws light on the topics of relevance in today’s time-Sustainability and ESG.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting requirements are reaching new heights, prompted by unprecedented levels of regulation and investor interest giving sustainability management greater prominence and significance.

ESG Investing and reporting has gained a lot of prominence. It can be used for understanding the allocation of resources and developing a portfolio. The speakers talk about climate change mitigation, decarbonization as important factors that companies must continue making.

From the perspective of investment manager, the SDGs are not necessarily the best matrix for financial materiality by themselves because materiality is what we are concerned with. SDGs become meaningful and impactful to us when it is paired with a clear investment framework.

The increase in awareness and the relevance of ESG in wealth and asset management has gained a positive momentum in Asia.

To know more about AVPN’s Sustainability Dialogue, click here: https://lnkd.in/gEmR_tV

To know more about the cutting edge solutions and Sustainability Dialogue Series, click here: https://avpn.asia/sustainability-dialogue-series/

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