State of Climate Philanthropy and Top Climate Nonprofits

Source: Ryan Hagen

The risk posed by climate change is interconnected with all other societal concerns. It is regrettable that only $7.5-$12.5 billion of the $810 bn in donations made worldwide in 2021 went to nonprofits working to address climate.

Climate Activism

The following article highlights the top climate nonprofits dedicatedly working in the space.

As we go forward with inventions & advancement, one of the main worries that plague us is the impending climate disaster. The climate emergency is undermining all of the problems at once, despite higher living standards and reduced levels of poverty.

For food, water, clean air, housing, livelihoods, and many other things, society depends on a robust, stable biosphere. However, unless we change into a sustainable civilization, our biosphere will continue to deteriorate.

Although development & environmental awareness can coexist, it is regrettable that industrialists waited too long to acknowledge the importance of climate.

It is crucial to recognize that the clock of the approaching climate disaster is ticking. If we don’t devote enough resources, ingenuity, and expertise to it now, the environment will take down mankind.

The list of credible climate nonprofits is provided below. These climate nonprofits/ NGOs are divided according to their domain of work.


  • Project Drawdown: The most comprehensive source for climate solutions is Project Drawdown. The work of a large group of researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policymakers, business leaders, and activists is incorporated into their research and analysis. It is done in order to compile and present the best information on existing climate solutions in order to describe their positive financial, social, and environmental impact.
  • Multisolving Institute: The practice of multi-solving is spreading around the world. Multisolving is the process of collaborating across sectors to solve many issues with a single investment or policy. An excellent illustration is how walkable communities contribute to lower transportation-related emissions, equal access to mobility, healthier residents, and thriving local economies. Multisolving is a technique for seeing the big picture and assisting everyone. However, multi-solving isn’t always straightforward or easy.
  • The Global Warming Mitigation Project: Via the “Keeling Curve Prize”, the Global Warming Mitigation Project selects and awards funding to initiatives across the globe that have substantial potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions or boost carbon absorption.

Grassroots Activism

  • The Sunrise Movement: It is a young initiative that seeks to halt climate change while also generating millions of excellent employment. They are mobilising a force of young people to elect leaders who will defend the health and welfare of all people, remove the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and make addressing climate change an urgent national priority.
  • 350: They are a global movement of regular people aiming to put an end to the use of fossil fuels and create a society where everyone has access to community-led renewable energy. Thousands of volunteer organisers in over 188 countries are in charge of their internet campaigns, grassroots organising, and massive public activities.
  • Extinction Rebellion: Extinction Rebellion is a decentralised, global, and politically non-political movement that employs nonviolent direct action, civil disobedience, and other nonviolent methods to pressure governments into taking appropriate action about the Climate and Ecological Emergency.
  • The All We Can Save Project: They strive to raise truth, bravery, and climate catastrophe solutions. In addition, they support emerging climate feminists of all ages and genders and provide leaders with the resources needed to foster community and ignite climate action.

Climate Advocacy

  • Third Act: Third Act is a group of seniors, or “experienced Americans,” who want to improve the world. For the sake of a more just and environmentally sustainable society and the planet, we mobilize political and economic power to influence Wall Street and Washington. We support young people’s outstanding work while also creating some fun problems of our own.
  • Climate Emergency Fund: By supporting young, extremely ambitious groups that inform the public about the climate emergency, disrupt daily life, plan large-scale rallies, and call for dramatic change, they help activists who are reshaping climate politics.
  • Global Greengrants Fund: Global Greengrants Fund has been one of the world’s top organisations supporting community-based initiatives to safeguard the environment and human rights since 1993. Together with their broad group of workers on the frontlines and our supporters, they’ve affected the lives of millions of people

Environmental Justice & Frontline Communities

  • WE ACT for Environmental Justice: They empower and organize low-income, people of color to build healthy communities for all.
  • The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy: In order to promote structural changes toward climate justice and ecological fairness in communities of colour on the front lines of climate change, The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP) is a non-profit, public interest law practice and justice centre. GCCLP wants to see equitable and just political, economic, and social systems throughout the Gulf South.
  • Indigenous Environmental Network: Indigenous peoples and individuals at the grassroots level established IEN to address concerns related to economic and environmental justice (EJ). In order to conserve our sacred places, land, water, air, natural resources, and the health of both our people and all other living things, as well as to construct financially viable communities, IEN works to strengthen the ability of Indigenous communities and tribal governments.
  • Intersectional Environmentalist: By amplifying the incredible legacies of diverse people in the environmental space throughout history and in the present, they hope to empower and inspire people of colour and historically excluded communities. They believe that with representation and an understanding that they have always been part of environmental history, they’ll empower a new generation of environmentalists and reshape the future of environmentalism to one that is rooted in equity and inclusiveness.

Corporate Action

  • Climate Voice: Their goal is to raise the voice of the workforce and persuade businesses to embrace climate change in all aspects of their operations and policy advocacy.


  • Grist: Grist is a nonprofit, independent media outlet that specializes in reporting on issues related to climate change and a fair future. They want to illustrate that the moment for action is now by illuminating the route to a better society via the power of narrative, motivating millions of others to follow along.
  • Inside Climate News: For the general public and decision-makers, InsideClimate News, a Pulitzer Prize-winning nonprofit, nonpartisan news company, offers crucial reporting and analysis on climate change, energy, and the environment. It operates as the watchdog for the government, business, and advocacy organisations, and holds them responsible for their decisions and deeds.


  • Earthjustice: The foremost nonprofit public interest environmental law group is called Earthjustice. To safeguard people’s health, conserve breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, develop clean energy, and stop climate change, we use the force of the law and the might of partnerships.

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