Sambodhi launches MEL course for Development Professionals

This course seeks to enhance the skills of MEL in development professionals working for social impact

Sambodhi is offering an online certificate course for Development professionals in the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning domain. As we are close to achieving the 2030 SDGs, the organization believes that measuring developmental outcomes is crucial. This certificate course will facilitate the learning and enhance the skills of early and mid-career development professionals. The extent of measuring the impact is largely in Global South but there have been few practitioners in this domain. The organization seeks to bridge this knowledge gap through this course.  

Course highlights  

  1. Conceptual clarity through the MEL practitioner’s lens 
  2. Curated curriculum tailored for the Global South context 
  3. Cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary approach with real-world examples  
  4. Platform for Peer-learning, networking, and collective thinking. 

Course Andragogy

As the participants will be early and mid-career development professionals, the course has followed the adult learning principles. Some of them are as follows.  

  1. Participatory and Learning by Doing approach in the curriculum 
  2. Working on case studies
  3. Group Discussion and structured group assignments on the sector of participant’s interest areas 
  4. Designing of MEL plan for their case study 

Course Learning Outcomes 

Spread over the span of 5 months, the course consists of 9 modules. Following are the learning outcomes the course intended to achieve. 

  1. Nuanced understanding of MEL vocabulary, MEL in Program cycles, defining pathways of change 
  2. Usage of available datasets in constructing interactive dashboards
  3. Keep pace with the contemporary trends in evaluation 
  4. Learning impact evaluation through design, methods and tools. 

The course will also offer interactive workshops on the following topics 

  1. Quantitative Data Analysis 
  2. Visualization and Story Telling 

Course Facilitators 

  1. Rajib Nandi – Vice President – Knowledge Management & Capacity Development
  2. Akashi Kaul – Assistant Vice President – Research
  3. Vijay Avinandan – Assistant Vice President – Research
  4. Abhishek Sharma – Assistant Vice President – Research
  5. Mahima Taneja – Senior Manager – Research (Moderator)

Course logistics 

  1. Duration: 29 October, 2022 to 18 March, 2023 
  2. Language: English 
  3. Mode: Virtual 
  4. Level of effort: 4 hours per week (Weekend Classes) 
  5. Eligibility: a) Development professionals with 1-6 years of experience b) Persons of all nationalities 
  6. Seats : 30
  7. Fees: 700 USD (or it’s equivalent to local currency) 

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