Powering the Future: 6 Investors Driving Climate Action in India

Investors are powering the future with capital, innovation and mentoring so we bring to you 6 Investors driving Climate Action in India.

Investors can play an important role in promoting climate action by providing funding, resources, and support to companies that are developing innovative solutions to address climate change.

By supporting climate-focused entreprenuers and advocating for policies that support climate action, investors can help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Below is the list of 6 Investors driving Climate Action in India and powering the sustainable future:

Blue Ashva Capital

Blue Ashva Capital support early-stage technologies to grow from lab to commercial scale. Their Impact fund has energy and environment as one of the focus areas.

They channel capital into companies with huge potential impact on society, environment. They have invested in several areas, including sustainable packaging, air pollution control technology, green biofuels technology and more.

Climate Angels

Climate Angels is an angel investment fund that invests in startups working on Climate Tech and Pollution Reduction Tech. They are stage agnostic but sector specific.

They invest in any company that is focused on reducing Green House Gas emissions and other types of pollution, in hard-to-abate sectors like Agriculture, Mobility, Energy, Waste, Water, and Built Environment among several others.


Omnivore funds entrepreneurs building the future of agriculture and food systems. Their work is deeply embedded in the global agri ecosystem.

Their invest themes include: Farmer Platform and Fintech, B2B Agri Market, F2C Brands, Precision Agriculture, Post-harvest Technologies and Agrifood Life Science.

Raintree Family Office

Raintree Family Office is a single-family office, managing the investment portfolios of the promoter family.

They aim to build a robust investment portfolio through public market instruments, private equity and other alternative assets. They believe in partnering with businesses that have sustainable business models and passionate entrepreneurs.

Peak Venture Partners

Peak Venture Partners are a pioneering early-stage climate investors in India. They fund the next set of revolutionary companies that can help the world transition into a low-carbon economy.

Their four core verticals include energy, agriculture, water and climate. They identify and invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world, and shape the collective future.

Sangam Ventures

Sangam Ventures is a seed and early stage venture fund that invests to improve access to sustainable energy and resource productivity solutions for the underserved in India that can lead to inclusive development and creation of communities that are resilient to climate change.

Their Sangam AIC run in partnership with Niti Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission scheme is India’s first and only dedicated CleanTech incubator

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