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Nagrika seeks your support in creating knowledge that everyone needs but no one is creating. Nagrika uses this knowledge to enable better governance and citizen-led transformation in small cities.
Nagrika is currently seeking your contributions to support two of its endeavours.

Every year, we receive over 200 applications from qualified, ambitious and committed youth for jobs and internships from the country’s best institutes like SPA, CEPT, TISS, TERI, IITs among many others. Many of them are policy students, architects, urban planners, media and communication students and come from small cities and towns. These youth have consciously chosen to build a career in improving their cities. However, in just last three months, we have received more than 100 applications seeking job or internship opportunities. It is our earnest endeavour to provide gainful and meaningful opportunities to these youth graduating out of schools and colleges and hoping to find careers in the field of city development. To this end, we seek your support for our fellowship program NagarNagar, that will provide relevant experience, skills and a monthly stipend to these youth. At the same time they will also build critical knowledge for their own cities which can be used for evidence based policy responses.

The fellowship is inspired by an exploratory journey (called NagarNagar) taken by both the co-founders in 2015, to understand small cities in India.

The NagarNagar fellows will lend a critical role in our ongoing project Mobility in Small Cities. Much of the initial work for this study has already been done in early months of 2021. While the second wave of COVID has impacted many of our activities, we are continuing to build our knowledge base and networks in multiple smaller cities around India for this study. You can read about some of our work as part of this study on this link. The pandemic has only reaffirmed the significance of the study for us. With a large shift of people as well as work to smaller cities, it will be imperative to ensure that the future of mobility in these cities is informed by the needs and aspirations of people from these cities as well as the experience of this pandemic. This imperative is the basis of our study.

Your support can help us in providing opportunities to these young professionals in making a better future for our cities and themselves. You support will also be instrumental in developing a citizen focused vision of mobility and transport in small cities.

About Nagrika
Nagrika uses knowledge to enable better governance and citizen-led transformation in small cities.  In 2020, we published more than 35 original knowledge pieces, including 3 toolkits, 6 case studies, and a 10-part series on city governance with a team of less than six researchers including the co-founders. Through our program Nagarpedia, we have added more than 1,25,000 words to over 116 Wikipedia pages related to small cities along with 1500 references. This is equivalent to almost 160 chapters in Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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