A new era of growth for EdelGive Foundation

~ New collaborative engagements and strategic leadership changes~

~ Vidya Shah to be Executive Chairperson of the Foundation~

~Naghma Mulla appointed as CEO ~

EdelGive Foundation, one of India’s leading philanthropic foundations, has appointed Naghma Mulla
as CEO, with effect from April 1, 2021. Vidya Shah, Founder and current CEO of EdelGive will continue to support the Foundation as Executive Chairperson through its next phase of growth.

“We are very excited with the potential impact EdelGive will have in the coming years. With Naghma’s experience in steering key projects at EdelGive and managing complex collaborations, I am certain she is best placed to drive the organisation to newer heights. She also continues to be a valued member of the board at EdelGive.” – Vidya Shah, Executive Chairperson, EdelGive Foundation

Naghma has been in a leadership role in the foundation since 2012 strengthening its core principles
of collaborative philanthropy. This appointment steers EdelGive into its transition from a grant making foundation to a philanthropic asset management platform. “It’s my absolute pleasure to lead EdelGive’s audacious goals of collective impact. We believe our approach of introducing philanthropists and funders across the globe to new and important avenues of funding Indian NGOs is the need of the hour as we battle unprecedented times.” – Naghma Mulla, CEO, EdelGive Foundation

EdelGive has been known for its extensive experience and understanding of funding grassroots and
ability to advise and manage philanthropic funds for a range of donors. Over the last five years,
EdelGive has created or supported five collaboratives in education, women empowerment, capacity
building, climate, and migration. This year will see EdelGive launch The Grassroots Resilience Ownership and Wellness (GROW) Fund, a one-of-a-kind collective of philanthropists, working towards jointly supporting 100 grassroots organisations post COVID-19. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Manan Trust, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, along with Edelweiss Group are already supporting this ambitious project, due to be announced by the end of April.

About EdelGive Foundation
EdelGive Foundation is a grant-making organization, and a go-to partner of choice for Indian and foreign funders wanting to engage with the Indian development ecosystem. Our unique philanthropic model places EdelGive at the centre of grant-making, by providing initial grants to NGOs and by managing funding from other institutional and corporate funders. Consequently today, EdelGive functions as a Philanthropic Fund Manager and Advisor between grant-makers and credible NGOs. Over the last 13 years, EdelGive Foundation has supported over 150 organisations across 111 districts in 14 states of India, influencing commitments of over INR 461 crore to NGOs in the sector. For more information please visit – www.edelgive.org

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