92 Women from 25 Countries Leading Global Climate Tech Startups

This list originally appeared in HolonIQ

The following amazing women are leading the most promising Climate Tech Startups globally. With an estimated 90% failure rate, building and running a Climate Tech startup is not for the faint-hearted, and research shows that barriers for women looking to start or lead a successful business remain high. 

Abhilasha Purwar
CEO and Founder at Blue Sky Analytics
Adital Ela
CEO and Founder at Criaterra Innovations
Alba Rodríguez
CEO and Founder at Gricha
Alexandra Rasch Castillo
CEO and Founder at Caban Systems
Alexandra Shiqihu
Director of Residential ESS Business Unit at Tecloman
Alisa Valderrama
CEO and Co-Founder at FutureProof Technologies
Allison Kopf
CEO and Founder at Artemis
Anat Halgoa Solomon
CEO & Co Founder at Saturas
Arooshi Dahiya
Co-founder at Oleo
Astrid Atkinson
CEO & Co-founder at Camus Energy
Bessie Schwarz
Co-founder & CEO at Cloud to Street
Bina Keo
CEO, Founder, and Managing Director at CocoTech Consulting
Camille Socquet-Clerc
Founder at Bloom Impact Investing
Carmen Hasenknopf
Chief Experience Officer at Donkey Republic
Catherine Long
CEO and Co-Founder at Trace
Christiana Zhu
CEO and Co-Founder at Marvelous Foods
Christine George
Christine Moseley
CEO and Founder at Full Harvest
Daphna Nissenbaum
CEO and Co-Founder at TIPA Compostable Packaging
Davida Herzl
CEO and Co-Founder at Aclima
Dr. Jemma Green
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Power Ledger
Dr. Sabina Anokye Mensah
CEO and National Focal Person at Anomena Ventures
Elizabeth Chan
CEO and Co-Founder at Neptune Robotics
Ezhil Subbian
CEO at String Bio
Fengru L.
CEO and Founder at TurtleTree Labs
Graciela Chichilnisky
CEO at Global Thermostat
Habiba Ali
CEO and Founder at Sosai Renewable Energies
Hannah Kabir
CEO and Founder at Creeds Energy
Hardik Shah
Principal CEO at HiveHome
Jayantika Soni
CTO and Co-Founder at Resync
Jennifer Holmgren
CEO at LanzaTech
Jenny Keisu
CEO at X Shore
Joan King Salwen
CEO at Blue Ocean Barns
Joanne Howarth
CEO and Founder at Planet Protector Packaging
Julie Kronstrøm Carton
Founder and Director at MATE.BIKE
Julia Collins
CEO and Founder at Planet FWD
Juliette Murphy
CEO and Co-Founder at FloodMapp
Julia Reisser
Co-Founder at ULUU
Kai Yi Carrie Chan
CEO and Co-Founder at Avant Meats
Kameale C. Terry
CEO at ChargerHelp!
Katharina Unger
CEO and Founder at LIVIN Farms
Katherine McConnell
CEO and Founder at Brighte
Katherine Sandford
CEO and Executive Chair at UBCO Bikes
Keum Chae Min
CEO and Founder at UNLIMEAT
Kristi Knaack Riordan
CEO and Co-Founder at
Harvest B
Laura Flanagan
CEO at Ripple Foods
Lauren Salz
CEO and Co-Founder at Sealed
Lily Dempster
CEO and Founder at One Small Step
Liron Nimrodi
CEO and Co-Founder at Zero Egg
Lisa Dyson
CEO at Air Protein
Maddie Hall
CEO and Co-founder at Living Carbon
Magi Richani
CEO and Founder at Nobell Foods
Maria Carolina Fujihara
CEO and Founder at SINAI Tachnologies
Maricel Saenz
CEO and Founder at Compund Foods
Megan O’Connor, CEO and Co-Founder at Nth Cycle; Moran Price, CEO and Co-Founder at IRP Systems; Phoebe Gardner, CEO and Co-Founder at Bardee and many more women you see mentioned here have not only overcome significant odds but are focused on making a difference in the lives of millions worldwide

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