Social Impact Analysis  

Source – Acumen Academy

Social Impact Analysis
Source – Acumen Academy

Acumen Academy has launched a course ‘Social Impact Analysis’ to explore frameworks and practical tools for measuring the social impact of your company, organization, or initiative. You will learn to better articulate short-term outcomes and long-term goals, so you can connect them to quantifiable metrics to support your decisions and improve your ability to create impact over time. 

What’s in it for you? 
  • Assess the breadth, depth and focus of your social impact using a three-part framework;
  • Craft a theory of change for your organization or initiativ
  • Improve your impact using Acumen’s Lean Data approach, with added inspiration from case studies showing how other social enterprises have measured their impact in lean and rigorous ways.
  • Learning Tools 
  • Introduction to Social Impact Analysis 
  • Building an Impact Framework 
  • Developing a Theory of Change 
  • Current and Future Approaches to Impact Measurement and Data Collection 
Logistical Details 
  • Duration of the course – 4 weeks  
  • Deadline – 17 October, 2023 
  • Fees – Free 

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