Decoding Social Sector Careers

Decoding Social Sector Careers with Sumeet Mehta

In our journey of working in the human capital landscape in the impact sector and interacting with a multitude of job seekers, we learned that there was a dearth of knowledge about the space. Many jobseekers shared that they were unaware as to how and if at all their skills were transferable to the sector. They had numerous questions about how and if the nonprofit sector was different... read more

Arthan Partners With Social Incubators To Provide HR Support To Early-Stage Social Enterprises

Arthan and Upaya

By Team Arthan 

The impact sector in India is booming. As more and more social enterprises emerge, there is also an increase in the number of foundations and incubators offering them support.

A big challenge that young entrepreneurs and early-stage organisations face is that of Human Capital. Problems vary from hiring needs to setting internal structures and policies. Arthan works closely with... read more

NITI Aayog Is Hiring Senior Consultants & Young Professionals

NITI Aayog jobs

Do you want to work for the government of India? Do you think you can assist the Indian government in creating new policies ?

If yes, the good news is that NITI Aayog is hiring.

The National Institution for Transforming India, popularly known as NITI Aayog, is a policy ‘Think tank’ of the government of India. They help in providing inputs both at the direction and policy level.

NITI... read more

Unltd India’s Incubation Program Is An Exciting Opportunity For Social Entrepreneurs

India's social problems

Are you an early stage social entrepreneur? Are you passionate and entrepreneurial and looking to solve India’s social problems? Are you looking to make a long-lasting impact but don’t know where to start?

Unltd India’s incubation program is an exciting opportunity for you!

While on the incubation program, social entrepreneurs receive customised coaching, access to a strong network of professionals... read more

From Our Team- Learning About Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, arthan

By Anchal Kakkar, VP Strategy and Partnerships – Arthan

Many professionals transition to the social impact sector with a heart full of passion and intention to make a difference and do good. While this is commendable, and these professionals learn the nuances of the sector and how it functions, an understanding of the theoretical aspects of social entrepreneurship... read more