How To Research A Social Sector Organisation Before Your Interview

Researching a social sector org

By Surabhi Nijhawan 

The social sector in India is as diverse as any other sector. However, the lack of awareness and myths surrounding the space make it a less popular one. Although, in recent years, the social sector market has grown exponentially in India, and globally. However, mostly unaware, both freshers and experienced job seekers find it challenging to understand the development space in India,... read more

The Art Of Job Hunt: Searching For The Ideal Workplace

Searching for the ideal workplace

By Jimit Popat 

People often ask me why I chose to work in the education sector and my answer is “my love for education comes from dislike. I dislike the education system that I and a million others were a part of! A system that has been unable to adapt itself to the rapidly changing environment thereby rendering itself not just inadequate, but often also a harmful misrepresentation of what makes... read more

The Government of India Is Hiring. Private Sector Professionals Can Apply Too

Government is hiring joint secretaries

‘The Government of India invites talented and motivated Indian nationals willing to contribute towards nation building to join the government at the level of Joint Secretary,’ a circular issued by the Department of Personnel and Training said.

In a first, the government of India has opened ten vacancies for the joint secretary level post. Applicants working in the private sector are welcome to apply... read more

NITI Aayog Is Hiring Senior Consultants & Young Professionals

NITI Aayog jobs

Do you want to work for the government of India? Do you think you can assist the Indian government in creating new policies ?

If yes, the good news is that NITI Aayog is hiring.

The National Institution for Transforming India, popularly known as NITI Aayog, is a policy ‘Think tank’ of the government of India. They help in providing inputs both at the direction and policy level.

NITI... read more

The World Bank Is Hiring In Chennai – Opening for Program Assistant and Financial Analyst

Program Assistant, World Bank, Chennai

Exciting opportunities to work with The World Bank.

Program Assistant 

The responsibilities include providing assistance to the WFA Chennai Manager, organising meetings with various stakeholders including the partners and headquarters. The Program Assistant will also manage the calendar of the manager and help in coordinating presentations and discussion materials as and when required.... read more

8 Reasons Working In The Social Sector Is An Unparalleled Experience

Working in the social sector

By Surabhi Nijhawan

The social sector is currently booming with several opportunities with something for everyone. In an increasingly chaotic world, there is no shortage of problems and thankfully, no dearth for those who want to solve these problems and make the world a better place to live. That is one, but there are several other reasons why you should consider a career in the social sector.

1.... read more

Nine Ways To Become A People-Centric Organisation

People-centric organisations


By Sylvia Priyanthi

The development sector in general believes that people are our biggest asset and that protecting and developing the team is a major challenge when scaling up. There is, however, one question that we still need to crack satisfactorily: How do we–and can we, indeed–maintain an organisation’s culture while growing sustainably?

The ethos of a nonprofit is often... read more