Decoding Social Sector Careers

In our journey of working in the human capital landscape in the impact sector and interacting with a multitude of job seekers, we learned that there was a dearth of knowledge about the space. Many jobseekers shared that they were unaware as to how and if at all their skills were transferable to the sector. They had numerous questions about how and if the nonprofit sector was different from the corporate world. What are the key skills required to be employed in this sector? What are the kind of opportunities available in the impact space? How does one enter the development sector, and, most of all, how has it evolved over the years? Here were questions that remained unanswered and experiences unshared.

Our realisation encouraged us to begin our video series Decoding Social Sector Careers.  We spoke to experts in the social impact space, social entrepreneurs as well as corporate crossovers to learn about their journey and understand in-depth what are the talent needs of the sector.

We are still at the beginning of our journey into video content, so any feedback, help, and volunteers are welcome to join us to make this a better product.

Sharing below our first episode from Decoding Social Sector Careers where we talk to Sumeet Mehta, CEO & Co-founder at LEAD School.

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