Arthan Supports Early Stage Social Enterprises

The start-up ecosystem is an exciting and enterprising place to be. However, young entrepreneurs and young organisations face a plethora of challenges to be addressed. One such challenge is the human capital challenge.

While finding, engaging and retaining the right talent is a task all organisations face; early stage enterprises, with greater resource constraints (financial and otherwise), need greater support to address the same.

With their small, close-knit teams, early-stage organisations often evaluate candidates more closely on parameters such as cultural fit, attitude and intent apart from the technical skills.

Arthan is supporting early-stage organisations in the social impact sector solve these human capital challenges by helping them hire core team members and advising them on senior advisors to reach out to.One such organisation Arthan is supporting is Villgro incubatee, SpotSense.

Arthan has been working closely with SpotSense’ founder, Amrita Sukrity, ‘find her tribe’. Apart from helping Amrita find senior team members, and get connected with experienced people in the sector who can serve as senior advisors.

Amrita shared her challenges hiring for a healthcare start-up.  ‘Since medical device industry is still in its initial phases, we struggled with finding  qualified professionals who come in with a technical capability and as enthusiasm are hard to find. However, Arthan helped us access a wide network of individuals who are willing to work in the field of healthcare, and yet somehow felt disconnected from the industry.  They not only understood the clauses mentioned in the job description but also took time out to understand the DNA of the team so that they can find individuals who are a perfect fit for the team. Apart from HR requirements, Arthan has also been a good sounding board for governance and growth concerns for the company,’ concluded Sukrity, founder SpotSense.  

If you are a young social organisation, who needs hiring or organisational development support or quite simply an ear to share your challenges or concerns, reach out to

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